Outstanding Senior Athlete Speeches

Jadeyn Bubak:

Volleyball: What an incredible pleasure and honor it was to coach her this year. As I sit here contemplating the questions, “How has this athlete contributed or impacted our team”? And what comes to mind is, “how has she NOT contributed and impacted our team in a positive way?!” 

The amount of dedication, determination and integrity she carries with her on and off the court speaks volumes to the person she is and how she has been raised. She is always for the TEAM, not herself. Never afraid to ask questions or help another player. To be a leader it takes listening, a lot of listening, work, grace, being coachable, dependable, humble, sacrifice, putting in hours that no one else sees, picking your head up even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing… and the list goes on and on… and THIS is who she is… a LEADER. You deserve this honor, you put in the work no matter what. I’m proud of you! Congratulations.  

Basketball: This Girls Basketball Player is a 4 year letter winner, ending her career with 307 points, 194 rebounds and 92 steals.  She has also been awarded all state honorable mention and has been one of the best defenders to ever put on a South Loup Lady Bobcat basketball uniform. 

Track: This Athlete is a great competitor.  The one she competed the hardest against was herself.  She strived to get better every practice and track meet. She was diligent to her team and to her own athletic ability.  She competed at the State Track Meet placing in the 100 meter and 200meter dash every year she competed and was the top sprinter in conference every year.  With her will to do great and her attention to detail, made her the type of athlete that makes a coach look great. She is a great teammate with desire for the team, leadership, work ethic, Compassion, and a will to WIN

Drew Vickers:

Basketball: This athlete is a four-year letter-winner and has been a mainstay in the starting line-up the past two seasons.  He was an Honorable-Mention All-Conference player a year ago and a first team All-Conference player this season.  He was also an Honorable Mention All-State player the past two seasons, is on a number of career top ten lists, and was this years Most Outstanding Player. 
Track: This athlete has always had great ability in track and field; he has competed in many different races but has found two events that he enjoys most and has focused on these.  He has  been a senior leader that has saved his best although he qualified for state in both his freshman and sophomore years.  He is one of the best hurdlers in the area.